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– Steam System Technical Reviews
– EVCR Units: Venturi Technology for Condensate Removal
– Specialized Solution Design and Fabrication
– “Closed Loop” Condensate System Design
– Steam Trap Surveys
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Total Solution Benefits


Historically, upon installation of the implementation of our findings from our technical evaluations and our EVCR Units, Enercon customers typically report the following;

  • Increased Facility and Equipment Operational Efficiency;
  • Improved Product Quality;
  • Reduced Energy Costs of 10%-35%;
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint of a Similar Amount
  • Reduced Water Demand and Chemicals of a Similar Amount;
  • Virtual Elimination of Steam Trap Maintenance and Failed Steam Trap Related Equipment Repair Expenses;
  • Reduce Condensate Related Equipment Damage;
  • Solutions to some Steam Related Problems such as Low and Inconsistent Temperatures, Trap-Related Pressure Drops, High Back Pressure and Water Hammer;
  • Improved Facility and Environment Safety

Most customers experience project paybacks less than 12 months with some extreme cases experiencing payback less than 3 months. And these savings are repeated annually as the EVCR Units are a permanent solution. 

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Contact us about using EVCR technology that continuously removes condensate. We proudly serve companies in the United States, Canada, and Europe.