Operational & Energy Efficient Solutions for Steam Systems

Since 1989, Enercon has been a technologically oriented company that has been dedicated to providing our clients with operational & energy efficient steam systems. We are also experts in the applications of venturi technology for condensate removal in steam systems.

What separates us from other venturi companies and steam device providers is that we are focused, first and foremost, on understanding both the technological and physical aspects of steam and how those attributes affect the operations of every type of process in every type of facility.  It is this technological expertise, combined with 25+ years of boots on the ground experience in 1,000+ facilities, that has led us to acquire a level of steam expertise that few, if any, other companies have.  This level of expertise is why certain customers designate us as their steam experts through which all steam system related decisions are consulted and why certain engineering firms use us as consultants to their steam system designs.

This focus on the technical attributes of steam and steam’s operation/performance in a system is why we begin every project by understanding, evaluating and documenting the operation of the client’s steam system.  When we are done, we will know the system as well as, and in some cases better, than the client themselves.  This complete understanding allows us to not only recommend the appropriate procedures and initiatives, but also identify the anticipated economic benefits related to such.  This understanding also allows us to serve as a valuable resource to clients regarding future issues they encounter with their steam systems.

Our client base range from small individual plants to Fortune 500 companies.  The facilities we service range in complexity from small, simple, low pressure systems to huge, multi-process, multi-pressure, superheated systems.  Our clients cover almost every industry including;

  • Food Industry – Beverage, Cheese, Specialty Products, etc.
  • Petro-Chemical Industry – Refineries, Chemical Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Pulp & Paper – Pulp Plants, Paper Plants, Converters
  • Wood Products – Dry Kiln Plants, Saw Mills Plants, Plywood & Veneer Plants
  • General Facility Operations – Airports, Universities, Military Bases
  • Other Industrial Operations – Asphalt Companies, Co-Generation Facilities, Power Plants, Clothing Manufacturers, Industrial Laundries, Plating Companies, Plastic/Injection Mold Companies

What The Enercon Solution Delivers To Our Clients:

  • Increased Facility & Equipment Operational Efficiency
  • Improved Safety of Facility
  • Reduced Energy Costs and Carbon Footprint
  • Reduced Water Demand & Chemical Treatment
  • Reduced Maintenance & Equipment Repair Expenses
  • Improved Cash Flow

Improve the operational efficiency and safety of your facility by contacting us about the expertise and technology we may offer regarding the improvement of your steam systems. We proudly serve companies in United States, Canada, and Europe.