Company Overview

We are steam experts, who through technical expertise and innovative technology, help our clients achieve increased operational, economical, and environmental efficiency.   What separates us from other companies is that we are focused, first and foremost, on understanding both the technological and physical aspects of steam and how those attributes affect the operations of every type of process in every type of facility.

We specialize in the application of venturi technology for condensate removal in steam systems.  

Company Objective

Our objective is to balance each client’s steam system so that it delivers the maximum heat transfer using the least amount of natural resources to accomplish such.  We strive to make our solutions more permanent in nature to minimize future maintenance and associated repair expense. 

We provide the customer with the information necessary to make the most informed decision on how to proceed.  Therefore, every service we recommend, and provide, is analyzed not only from a technical perspective but also the ROI to the client.


Energy Advice

We live in a world of ever increasing focus on reducing the negative ecological impact of producing the energy we need to survive and thrive.  Energy efficiency helps improve the environmental performance of industries, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and minimizing the consumption of resources on which the world depends.

 “Population and economic growth, in concert with demographic and behavioral trends, lead to one conclusion - the world needs more energy, not less, to meet projected demand and sustain a healthy, vibrant future. As a nation, we need to support the development of technology that improves efficiency and preserves the environment.”
(Wendell Cox – Demand in perspective)

Let us help you maximize your steam systems' operational and economic efficiency while minimizing the environmental impact of doing such by contacting us about our steam system solutions. We proudly serve companies in the United States, Canada, and Europe.